Calendar of Events

Friday 25th March 2022, 12.30pm
By the statue in Bromsgrove High Street.
The brief annual ceremony will be followed by a buffet lunch in the Old Chapel at Bromsgrove School. Guest of the Day will be Jo Slade, recent Bailiff of Bromsgrove.

Saturday 23rd April 2022, 11.00am
The Cliffe Hotel, Ludlow (coffee from 10.30).
With a presentation to launch the centenary edition of Last Poems.
Followed by two-course lunch at 1.00pm.

Saturday 23rd April 2022, 3.00pm
St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow.
To be followed by reception in the Castle Bookshop and public launch of Last Poems.

Sunday 24th April 2022, 10.30am
WALK: Brown Clee Ramble.
A walk guided by John Cartwright (subject to response).

Sunday 24th April 2022, 4.00pm
St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow.
CELEBRATION CONCERT: Song settings to include Ivor Gurney, George Butterworth and John Ireland  We’ll to the woods no more.
Musicians from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. For further details click here. Tickets from Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Friday 1st July 2022, 12.30 pm
WALK: Summertime on Bredon.
Pub lunch in Elmley Castle and afternoon walk on Bredon Hill (subject to response).

Saturday 2nd July 2022
11.00 am Friends Meeting House, Evesham: “Poems of the Sea” — a performance by Linda Hart and Max Hunt inspired by a letter from AEH to his brother Laurence.
3.00 pm All Saints Church: The Annual Housman Lecture by Prof. Gregory Leadbetter : “Leaving, Greeting and Lasting in Housman’s Last Poems”.
All Saints Church, Evesham.

Saturday October 22nd 2022, 11.00am to 4.00pm.
A university launch event for the new edition of Last Poems, in the week of the actual centenary. Plans currently include display of Housman’s original manuscript together with the recently donated AEH letters to William Semple. Contributors to an afternoon symposium on Last Poems to be announced.